What is filmotech.com?

filmotech.com is the website for audiovisual content which allows the individual user to see the films anywhere and anytime with the best quality. Filmotech provides a legal, secure, and reliable way of seeing movies via streaming. For each work, the user can view a file complete with technical data, a synopsis, and a trailer. At the same time, he or she will be able to read the opinions of other users about the respective work and submit their own opinions. The use licenses for each film are obtained through various secure payment platforms and the user can view audiovisual works on their PC, television, or any compatible portable device.

In November, 2009, filmotech.com received the FICOD Award for Distribution of Digital Content. The web portal for films, a first in Spain, received this award for functioning as an innovative business model, giving filmmakers access to the public in an efficient manner and with the support of the distinctive characteristics of the Internet.

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